The Average Number of Bridesmaids in a Wedding?

The question of how many bridesmaids should a bride have is common one especially in the early stages of wedding planning.  With that being said, many brides want to know what the average number of bridesmaids are in a wedding! The short answer is there is none! While choosing bridesmaids can definitely be emotional and you need to put a lot of thought into it, here are 7 tips to help you decide the number of bridesmaids you should have.

average number of bridesmaids

Average Number of Bridesmaids – 7 Tips

Size of your wedding

It is customary to choose one bridesmaid for every 50 guests. It is not uncommon to see small wedding with only one bridesmaid while larger weddings consisting of 300 plus guests can see 6 or more bridesmaids. This however can get complicated if you have a large family or close friends which brings us to our next tip.

All or nothing

Often one of the best rule to follow is the all or nothing rule. If there are many people who expect to be in the bridal party or you feel you need to include them then using this rule can save you a big headache. If you choose only a few you can find yourself dealing with a lot of issues. If you choose none (with an explanation as to why you did so) you will that most people will be understanding.

Blood is thicker than water

It may sound harsh but it’s true. If you have a lot of family members including sisters and cousins, most friends will understand that you have to choose them first. In fact many will expect that already.

Money talks

We recommend you decide on your bridesmaid budget before choosing the actual number. Although it is often the bridesmaids who pay for their own dresses, many brides choose to make a contribution to the cost of the outfit. Also consider rehearsal dinner, hair and make-up and bridesmaid gifts’ cost and is can quickly add up to more than you can afford.

Consider the number of groomsmen

Sometimes the number of bridesmaids will vary depending on the number of groomsmen. After all, it will look odd to have 3 groomsmen and 7 bridesmaids! Talk to your fiancée and see what they have in mind. Just remember that the numbers don’t have to add up exactly. We’ve seen wedding parties where there more groomsmen than bridesmaids and vise versa and you can still work with that. For example, you can gave 2 groomsmen walk a bridesmaid down the aisle.

Envision you big day

Before you go off and choose your bridesmaids, think of the kind of atmosphere you would like on your wedding day. Do you envision getting ready in a bustling crowd full of noise and laughing girls or do you prefer a calm and easy going morning of you just being able to take care of yourself?

Just do what’s right

Okay – so we saved the best one for last. If you’re reading this article about the average number of bridesmaids then you probably have more than a few people in mind. The best advice we can give you is to choose the ladies who you really want to be there by your side on your wedding day. We know that this sounds obvious and is easier said than done but this is really what you should do.

Average Number of Bridesmaids – The Verdict

While choosing the number of bridesmaids can be a difficult task, Wedding Glimpse recommends that you focus on doing what you are comfortable with and with what will cause you the least amount of trouble. The reality is that there is always someone who you didn’t consider but feels that they should be included. We’ve seen wedding with 2 bridesmaids and we’ve seen weddings with 10 plus bridesmaids and both workout just fine.

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